Activities in the majestic Georgioupolis!

Holidays are here, and the scenery is breathtaking. The only answer, is Crete!

The ideal location of Georgioupolis as well as Hotel Drosia offers you plenty of activities to choose from.

For lovers of sea, in front of the Georgioupolis village, there are beaches extending about 10 kilometers with dozens of beach bars and other shops to choose from.

For the most daring, there is the possibility of hiking along the Peraticos River, which will take you to the small lake of Almiri where you can see various species of birds and animals.

Similarly, with little effort, you can visit the whitewashed chapel of Agios Nikolaos, which is built on a small rocky seafront, which connects with the beach with rocks forming a picturesque path.

You can also rent a bicycle and tour the mountainous or seaside area of Georgioupolis. At the beach of Georgioupolis you will find the diving center of Padi, which can give you an incredible diving experience or take a stroll with the municipal train that guides you both inside the village and the surrounding tourist villages.

Within 4.5 km of Lake Kournas, you can rent a water bike and stroll through the lake.

Ekklhsaki Agiou Nikolaou


Argyroupoli waterfalls

Saint Nikolaos Church

The whitewashed chapel, built on a small rocky seashore, dedicated to Saint Nikolaos – the patron saint of the seamen, has become the trademark of Georgioupolis.

You will experience a small adventure to reach the chapel, as the rocks that form the mole present anomalies. Still, it’s worth a walk there.

Omega Divers Center

Omega Divers is a new diving center of PADI, founded in 2011, offering recreational diving and lessons for beginners and experienced divers while maintaining the highest possible safety standards for divers and education.

Using only the best trained staff and securing the few divers in each activity group, an incredible dive experience is provided!

Argyroupoli Waterfalls

Waterfalls exist in several gorges of the prefecture, but the most easily accessible ones are found in Argyroupoli.

The water that flows from the chapel of Agia Dynami, forms many small waterfalls and also takes care of the rich vegetation surrounding them.

Μπάλος Γραμβούσα

Στιγμιότυπο 2018-03-16, 9.30.20 πμ


Balos Tour

The wonderful beach Balos, is located at the northwest end of Crete, in the prefecture of Chania. Objectively, we are talking about the most beautiful part of Europe … The waters are crystal clear and the point is fairy tale!

It is a magical place that will surely compensate anyone who visits it. Access is possible either by car or by foot, or by boat.

Jeep Safari Tour

Unique experience, the excellent route with special and thoughtful stops on plane trees, springs and monasteries.

The off-road track, full of wild beauty and terrific views from altitude. Beautiful beach for swim and traditional homemade food through stops made

Wonderful choice for anyone who comes with friends and family!

Kournas Lake

Kournas lake is the only freshwater lake in Crete. Just 15 minutes from Hotel Drosia, the lake is located in a ditch. The lakes of the lake are eel, while rare fish for Crete.

Kournas lake is an ideal destination for an afternoon stroll, or a short day outing. The landscape is relaxing and beautiful, whether you want to walk in nature, or take a bath or bike on the lake.

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